FirmTools Album Creator

What's new in this release

Version 3.5

  1. Fixed compatibility issues with the Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1.
  2. Fixed compatibility issues with Microsoft Windows XP with the latest system updates installed.
  3. Fixed compatibility issues with Norton Internet Security Suite (march 2005).
  4. Detailed generation log added to better track possible errors.
  5. "What's new" startup dialog box removed.
  6. Automatic descriptions filling can now be disabled (IPTC and EXIF can be enabled separately).
  7. Fixed reading unicode image meta data.
  8. Fixed reading JPEG files with corrupted EXIF data.
  9. Fixed error with resizing 48-bit RGB images.

Version 3.4

  1. EXIF/IPTC support. Now you can:
    • add EXIF or IPTC information as image comment or image title;
    • correct colors and rotate photos at "Select images" step not affecting original image files.
  2. Direct import of photos from your digital camera;
  3. New album controls (font, background file, resize quality);
  4. New operations of graphics processor:
    • free rotation;
    • resize canvas;
    • set border;
    • text out (add text over your photos);
    • drop shadow;
    • blur;
    • sharpen;
    • shine;
    • auto levels;
    • flip vertical;
    • flip horizontal;
    • sepia;
    • grey;
    • colorize;
    • add image over photo.
  5. Program processing speed dramatically increased;
  6. New crop features in PhotoEnhancer (aspect ratio preserving).