How to install additional themes

You can download additional themes from the Themes Collection section on our website.

The themes are packaged in the single file with the THM file extension that should be opened and installed automatically with the Album Creator Configuration Tool application.

  1. Open the Themes Collection with your favorite web browser;
  2. Select the theme and click Download button;
  3. You can either choose to open the theme from the browser or choose to save it to your hard disk.
  4. To install the theme saved to the disk either double-click it or open with the help of the configuration tool.

If the THM file extension is broken and other program starts when you open the template file you should repair the association performing the following steps.

Repair the THM file extension association:

  1. Right click on the downloaded file;
  2. Choose the Open with option in the shortcut menu;
  3. Select the SetupComp option if present or Choose program if not;
  4. Browse to the AlbumCreator installation folder (usually "C:\Program Files\FirmTools\Album Creator\") and select the SetupComp.exe file;
  5. Click OK to close all open dialogs.

The correct THM association should now be restored. You can double-click the file to install the template.