How to modify/view existing album

Modify an album

  1. Select option at the Welcome wizard step and click the button to proceed;
  2. At the Select existing album wizard step, select your album (project) in the list. Click the button or double-click the album thumbnail to proceed;
  3. Change the theme for your album if needed;
  4. Operate with album images list (add/remove, sort, enhance, rotate etc.) if needed;
  5. Change the album parameters (album title, number of images per row etc.);
  6. Select the destination folder for your album at the Album generation wizard step;
  7. Generate an updated album.

If you want to empty disk space and Delete existing album:

Click the button to find the album (project) if it is not located in the default folder (or you have changed the project files store location during the re-installation.)

View an album

  1. Select option at the Welcome wizard step;
  2. Select an album you want to view;
  3. Right-click the album thumbnail and select View option from the shortcut menu.


  1. Open the Internet Explorer web browser;
  2. From the Favorites menu, choose the needed album in the My photo albums folder.

This option is available for the Internet Explorer only. Make sure that the Add to favorites checkbox is enabled on the Album Generation wizard step.