How to create an album

Creating a web gallery with the Album Creator is as simple as the following six easy steps.

  1. Select Create new album option at Welcome wizard step and click the button to proceed;
  2. Select a theme for your album from the list at the Select album theme wizard step;
  3. At the Select images wizard step you can add photos from your hard disk drive, removable drive, or directly from the digital camera.
    Set your photos titles and descriptions. Enhance image(s) or rotate them in case of the wrong orientation.

    You can sort the images in the list with the help of the and buttons.

  4. At the Set album parameters step you can assign the title for your album and set other parameters available in the current template (for example, number of images per row, distance between images, colors etc.)

    Each theme can have different parameters available for the customization of the album look-and-feel.

  5. Generate the album at the Album generation wizard step. The album will be saved to the default folder displayed in the Destination album folder text field. Please choose another folder by clicking the Browse button if needed.
    Attention! All files and subfolders located in the destination folder will be deleted.
  6. The album is generated. You can publish it to the Web or save it on a CD so your family and friends can enjoy it.
    At the Final wizard step, click the Publish button to start the built-in FTP client.

    Please find more details on publishing in the corresponding section.