Add photos from the camera

You can add photos to your album directly from the camera on the Select images wizard step.

Most of the modern cams connects to the computer using the USB interface so that camera appears as a drive. So you can use standard Add/Remove operations with photos in your album.

Please note that the photos added to the album are not transfered to your computer and remain in the camera. You should copy them manually or with the help of other software in order to store them on your hard disk drive.

TWAIN interface

You can add photos directly from the camera (if it supports TWAIN interface, please check the manufacturer manual) or scanner with the help of the TWAIN interface.

  1. Click Import to add images from a scanner or a digital camera that has a TWAIN support;
  2. Select the needed device in the available Sources list and click Select to proceed;
  3. The dialog box from the TWAIN driver of a corresponding device appears.