How to publish the album to the web

Using built-in FTP module

You can publish the generated album with the help of our built-in FTP module, immediately after the generation on the Final wizard step. If your web hosting service does not support FTP connection or you are managing your website content with some software (like Microsoft FrontPage or Macromedia Dreamweaver) then please refer to the next section.

Using other tools

The generated album is a set of pages, images, resized photos and flash movies with XML configuration files in case of the flash galleries. All these files are located in the destination folder that you can on the Album generation wizard step ("C:\My PhotoAlbums\Result\[NAME_OF_THE_ALBUM]\" by default).

You should publish all files and subfolders without renaming them or changing the folder structure. Different albums can have some files identically named but different. That is why it is recommended (generally required) to publish each album into its own folder.

Some themes have a start page named like "list0.html" or "base0.html". If you'd like to have the page named "index.html", then please make a copy of the start page and rename it to "index.html". Do not rename the original file, this will brake the navigation.

If you are using some software to manage your website content (for example Microsoft FrontPage or Macromedia Dreamweaver) you can easily import the generated album into your website. Just note that you should import the entire destination folder with all files and subfolders. After the import you will be able to customize the pages design, rename, move or copy them.