How to Configure Album Creator?

With the help of the AlbumCreator Configuration Tool you are able to:

If you have accepted the default options in the installation process, you can start the Album Creator Configuration Tool by using the following method:

  1. On the taskbar, click the Start button, and then select Programs/FirmTools/Album Creator/ folder;
  2. Click Album Creator Configuration Tool icon to start a program.

Install/remove themes

To install new theme:

  1. Click the Install button;
  2. Browse for the file of the theme or the packaged theme THM file downloaded from our website;
  3. Click the Open button, the theme will be installed.

To remove the theme:

  1. Select the theme you'd like to uninstall from the list;
  2. Click the Uninstall button, the theme will be removed.

Configure general settings

Configure FTP module settings

This tab allows you to configure the FTP module settings. Please change them only if you have problems with your connection or receive errors during publishing.

If you have problems with publishing your album then try to select/clear the Use Passive mode for data connections check box. This is the most common reason of the problem.