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AlbumCreator :: digital photo gallery generator
Please take look at main Album Creator features listed below to understand why we consider our product special.


Sending albums by email

Using our new "Advanced" plug-in you can generate the album and send it by email. Enjoy a new option by FirmTools which allows you now to share your impressions with a larger number of people.

Selection of album themes

AlbumCreator has collection of occasional Flash and HTML templates for your albums which we call themes. Themes are regularly updated and available for download at our site.

Incredible amount of customization

Each theme has its own settings such as thumbnails size, distance between thumbnails, color of background, possibility to add background files (music and images) etc. that all will help you to customize the web gallery and give it a best look.

New approach to creativity

Apart from other album generating programs we give you a great chance to be creative. Using our product you can make templates yourself and exchange them with other AlbumCreator users at our site.

EXIF support

Program automatically reads EXIF information from photos. You can add it as image comment or image title. EXIF format support enables lossless rotation and image color correction and speeds up program operation time.

Photo enhancing options

To fix common photos problems use our built-in PhotoEnhancer tool. Eliminate red-eyes effect, correct colors of your snapshots, rotate, crop and flip your photos.

Direct connection with camera

When composing an album you can import photos directly from your digital camera (your camera needs to have TWAIN support).

Album modification

Program supports own album projects. This enables you to make corrections to previously composed albums (add/remove photos, substitute template, change comments etc).

FTP support

AlbumCreator has built-in FTP support that allows to upload and manage your photoalbums.