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AlbumCreator :: digital photo gallery generator
If you can not find the answer on your question in this list please feel free to email to support@firmtools.com or post your question at the online forum.

How can I create an album?

Please check our Tutorial to see how easy is album composing with AlbumCreator.


What is album theme?

Themes are graphics templates for your albums. We propose you HTML and FLASH themes. These themes will be updated regularly on weekly basis. Our product users will be able to find and download new themes from our site at Themes Collection section.


How often do you plan to update themes at the site?

We plan to publish one new theme in a week, except summer period. Visit our Themes Collection section for updates.


How to develop theme yourself?

You can develop theme yourself and then create an album using your own template. We give you instructions on how to do this in downloadable manual.


Why I can't see Flash albums on my computer?

Most probably you don't have Macromedia Flash Player installed or the version you have is outdated. Click here to download required version.


Images of which formats can I use to create an album?

Album Creator supports the following most popular formats:

  • JPEG - Joint Photographic Expert Group format, a lossy compression technique for color images;
  • TIF,TIFF Universal Graphic Format for PC and Mac platforms;
  • PSD - Adobe Photoshop (read-only);
  • BMP- Windows bit-mapped graphics format;
  • GIF - Graphic Interchange Format, a bit-mapped graphics file format used by World Wide Web;
  • PNG - Portable Network Graphics format;
  • ICO Windows Icon file format;
  • WMF (read-only), EMF, EMF+ Windows enhanced metafile formats.

This formats set allows you to generate albums from photos taken on any digital camera and give a unique design for an album using popular web graphics formats and add any watermarks using windows vector formats


Why should I buy cards?

There are two good reasons to purchase our cards.

First one is the possibility to buy new themes for your AlbumCreator at a low cost, so you always can keep your product up to date.

Second is that you can order Lite version of our product with the minimal set of themes and then just download new themes using our cards at your own choice.


What does the card value mean?

A $10 card will give you a possibility to download new themes from Themes Collection page for the total cost of 10 points.

A $20 card will give you a possibility to download new themes from Themes Collection page for the total cost of 24 points.

A $50 card will give you a possibility to download new themes from Themes Collection page for the total cost of 70 points.


How does the card work?

When your card is activated you can download FirmTools chargeable themes.
Chargeable themes will have the price on them. You can preview theme before you decide to buy it. To preview the theme click on its screenshot on the left.

After you made up your mind click on the floppy disk icon of the corresponding theme to start its downloading. Before downloading you'll be shown how the card balance will change if you decide to download this theme. You can confirm theme purchasing or decline it.

To learn more about how to install the theme see our Instructions at Themes Collection page.


If I have ordered card then how can I activate it?

You can activate a card at Themes Collection page. First you have to register or sign in using your login and password. Then press the "Activate card" button and enter the card number that you've received from our registrar into the corresponding box. After you card has been activated you'll see your current balance at the top of the Themes Collection page.

Please note, that if you own a Pro version then to download chargeable themes you have to enter the serial number of your AlbumCreator during registration at Themes Collection page.


What is the cost of themes?

Themes cost will start at 1 point per theme. The cost of theme will depend on its complexity. Normally you'll be able to buy 6-8 themes for the $10 card. Please note, that AlbumCreator Pro version owners will be able to download all our themes for FREE!


If I own Pro version of AlbumCreator how can I download chargeable themes?

First you have to register at Themes Collection section and enter the serial number of your AlbumCreator during registration. This will give you a possibility to download and install all themes for your albums absolutely for FREE!